Our 3 Levels Of 'Assumption Checking'

MySociaLife Brains Trust
The Brains Trust

Each quarter we meet our Brains Trust of psychologist, cognitive behavioural therapist, sexologist, privacy specialist, and security specialist to discuss our content and lesson plans.

DQ South Africa
World Economic Forum Framework

We are an approved 'DQ Adopter' by the World Economic Forum's Digital Quotient Institute, using their extensively researched framework as a foundation to Grade 4 to 11 students. This is the central pillar of what we do, and has been researched and collated by some of the world's finest minds.

Raw Student Insights & Feedback

Returning term after term in schools allows us to develop relationships with students, sharing the pressures and struggles of life online, giving us the inside track on the apps, trends and challenges.

We asked Dr David Rosenstein, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and NeuroScientist:

In a world in which many teens and pre-teens socialise or study online, is this content needed in the health industry?